Susan Cowe Miller


Profile description:

Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach,   EFT practitioner,   Matrix Reimprinting practitioner,  Matrix Birth Reimprinting practitioner,   Reiki Practitioner,  Level 3 Person Centred Counselling,  Primary Teacher,   Meta Health Introductory Level

Specialist Areas:

Chronic Health symptoms: Female Health -Vaginal concerns

Relationship Stress and Anxiety

Fertility and Parental Stress

Emotional Trauma

Confidence and Self-Esteem

I enjoy helping those ready to tackle the emotional stumbling blocks which are in the way of happiness and confidence.

I help people reduce and clear the root cause of a chronic health or pain sympton, without continual medication.
I am the author of 'Survive and Thrive after Trauma'. Autobiographical:'When family life is steamrollered by alcohol dependency, near divorce and death. With resources and contributions.'
"My own personal trauma means I relate to my clients with true empathy and compassion as opposed to someone who has just studied the theory but not lived the tale! During my darkest times EFT transformed my emotional health with lasting results which is why I decided I wanted to become a qualified EFT therapist to help others."


  • Helping Women 50+ to Live the Life You Want Stressed and anxious, no time to live plans and dreams for this exciting stage of life. Ladies please think again! Join me in my Membership: Women 50+ Live the Life You Want Club
  • EFT: Managing testing after Bulimia A Tapping routine to maintain eating with confidence. You have been successful, you are empowered to maintain good health and good eating. You have done the work. Deserve and love your success.
  • EFT Reduce Anger No.2 Tapping to reduce anger so; real sense of relief is felt. Anger is bad for physical health. It leaves its mark and can show up in a chronic health symptom #lifestyleprescriptionshealthcoaching #rootcause


  • EFT Practitioner
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